The Smoky Valley Community Foundation serves the Lindsborg, Kansas area as well as communities served by USD 400.

Welcome to our online giving page! You can donate to any of the funds listed below or search for the fund you want in the search bar. If you have any questions, please contact us at 785-823-1800 or email at

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate A. Jay Steinberg Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Bethany Home Fund
Donate Brandon Rogers Technology Scholarship Fund
Donate Broadway RFD Fund
Donate Chester G. & Jeanette G. Peterson Donor Advised Fund
Donate Clyde & Glenn Lindstrom Designated Fund
Donate Clyde & Glenn Lindstrom Scholarship Fund
Donate Designated Fund for Lindsborg Arts Council
Donate Designated Fund for Trinity United Methodist Church
Donate Dorothy J. Ziegler Music and Art Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Charles Englund Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Graceful Pursuits Donor Advised Fund
Donate Heritage Fund
Donate Jordan Heimer Allied Health Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Joyce Challans Memorial Designated Fund
Donate Judith K. Burch Scholarship Fund
Donate Korbe Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate Lindsborg Art Council Scholarship Fund
Donate Lindsborg Arts Council Fund
Donate Lindsborg Child Development Center Project Completion Fund
Donate Lindsborg Child Development Center Support Fund
Donate Lindsborg Community Health Care Foundation Fund
Donate Lindsborg Community Hospital Fund
Donate Lindsborg Community Library Fund
Donate Lindsborg Midsummer's Festival, Inc. Fund
Donate Lindsborg Old Mill and Swedish Heritage Museum, Inc. Fund
Donate Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancer Fund
Donate Louis, Ron & Tom Westman Scholarship Fund
Donate Messiah Lutheran Church Designated Fund
Donate Mona Peterson Community Service Scholarship Fund
Donate Rotary Club of Lindsborg Donor Advised Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Administrative Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Athletic Association Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Community Enhancement Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Education Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Elementary Education Scholarship Fund
Donate Smoky Valley Healthy Living Fund
Donate The Associated Churches of Lindsborg (TACOL) Fund
Donate The Roth Family Fund